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These winter and early springtime months can cause many of us to seek the warmth and shelter of indoors. In Berlin, we enjoy hanging out inside coffee shops, lingering over a warm cup of savory coffee or a fruit tea. For people visiting our city during this time of year, I suggest setting time aside in your tourist agenda for visiting a local coffee shop. Don’t worry, our shops know all the latest coffee-laced beverages served by the big chain shops, so you will find your favorite or discover a new one in a private coffeehouse.

Although I personally developed a taste for coffee first, I have friends who opened a teahouse in the US and stocked it with Japanese blends they sometimes had picked themselves. They introduced me to the wonders of tea drinking. And in Berlin, most privately owned coffee shops offer many types of teas – especially fruit-flavored ones. And the local Apotheken (pharmacies) include a section of herbal tea mixes which naturally treat a wide variety of winter ailments. If your nose is congested and you venture to the corner Apotheke, why not inquire about an herbal tea as well? It’s all part of our German culture.

During the Lenten season, which runs 40 days from Ash Wednesday on 26. February to Easter Sunday on 12. April 2020, I suggest finding indoor activities and installations to visit. The St. Matthäus Church, located in the Kulturforum area of museums at Matthäikirchplatz, 10785 Berlin-Tiergarten, is set up as a worship as well as an art space. Starting the evening of Ash Wednesday, an exhibition called “facies” (the face) opens. The legends of the image of Christ’s face captured on shrouds or facecloths are captured and interpreted from a future perspective by artist Milko Pavlov. In that same Kulturforum is located the Gemäldegalerie (Painting Gallery). It houses fine works by European artists from the 13th-18th centuries – in another warm and dry setting. Info about the offerings at the St. Matthäus Church can be found at www.stiftung-stmatthaeus.de/ and the Gemäldegalerie at www.smb.museum.

For a schedule of our Lenten services at the Melanchthon-Kirche and St. Jacobi-Kirche, please look at the center section of this BOTE newsletter. Features about special events are also found throughout the BOTE, so please look at the pictures to help you find what you are looking for. If you have questions or comments and prefer to communicate in English or your high school German, please consider me your friendly contact person for the Kreuzberg-Mitte congregation. I can be reached at greggillum@t-online.de.

Gregory Gillum

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